“How nice to hear from you. I really enjoyed the class. I wish you continued success in your venture. I hope to return to wonderful New Orleans and definitely take another class. Your recipes will really be appreciated. My husband and I are planning to have a New Orleans food night. One of our acquaintances from your area sent us a chicken breast stuffed with crawdad dressing for Xmas and I plan to cook the Gumbo and Jambalaya to go with it. Definitely won't be as good as yours, but I'll give it a try. Luckily they have not tasted yours so they won't know the difference.”


“I really enjoyed your cooking class as well as hearing your stories of growing up in the South!”


“Thank you again for the wonderful class. We really enjoyed it and can't wait for the recipes. This was a great beginning to our vacation and the cruise we took. Thank you.”


“I made jambalaya tonight and it was mmmmm mmmm good. Put a lot of Slap Ya Momma in there, made your head sweat. Going to do a Gumbo, usually use Zatarains, wondering if you could email your favorite recipe.”
-Mike and Lisa


“We are looking forward to many years of enjoying our relationship with the both of you, who knows maybe we will walk up during Mardi Gras and eat some of your cookin' Nita.”



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